The importance of master data

One calls it master data, the other base data. Putting the labels aside, master data can be various objects: products, product hierarchies, suppliers, customers, plants, stores, vessels, containers, and many others. Without proper master data maintenance, business processes and systems might face problems running smoothly. How will you know what container is on what ship on its way to where with what products? Are you sure that you are paying the right amount to the correct supplier?


In migrations and implementations the importance of master data is generally overlooked. Some of the following questions regarding master data should be dealt with.



  • How to migrate the existing data from the legacy to the new system?
  • How to enrich the data to make it fit the new processes?
  • Does everyone define a master data object in the same way?
  • What should be the maintenance process for adding, amending and discontinue objects?
  • How to deal with data quality assurance?



It is clear that master data is to take seriously!